F82 Enterprises is a combined holding and management services company that centrally coordinates my investments and other activities.

F82 Enterprises

Commercialization meets Technology

F82 Enterprises stands for the integration of both strategic and operational thinking and acting, in order to create and scale outstanding Products, Services and Businesses.I believe that creating sustainable business value is less about just talking and more about successful execution and delivery that follows a clear business plan.

Alexander Fridhi

Alexander Fridhi

Who I am & what drives me

As a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years of industry experience, I am driven by a deep passion for technology and business processes, coupled with a strong entrepreneurial mindset and a "no bullshit" attitude.My core strengths are international business development, sales and funding, as well as inventing, launching and scaling new business models.


Invent, design and implementation of cutting edge business models
to solve current digital


Launching and scaling of Processes, Tools and Organizational Structures in the context of (Digital) Ventures.


Hiring, growing and interim-managing Business Development and Sales Teams to commercialize (new) Ventures wordwide.

Regional Focus

Connecting regional strengths

F82 Enterprises and my home is the so-called "Greater Region", located in the heart of Europe between Germany, Luxembourg, France and Belgium.This region is traditionally characterized by a strong research and science scene and many know-how-strong medium-sized and family-owned companies.This structure, our good access to it as well as our strong network is part of our success.While currently focusing on Germany, Luxembourg and the United Arab Emirates, we already working on to connect other regions like Asia and the USA.

Current Projects & Activities

Scaling Artificial Intelligence

I am currently focused on developing and scaling a company builder for artificial intelligence business models. Furthermore, I am working on other projects in the field of real estate and hospitality.

  • DDG - AI Venture Building

  • URBNYOU - Holiday Homes

  • GENPLEX - Health self-optimization System

Get in Touch

Let's start something great

If you are interested in collaborating, have projects of your own that might have synergies with my work, or just have a great new idea or other request, feel free to contact me through any of the channels below or send me a message using the form.

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